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WooCommerce Extensions

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Why Choose Us

Plugify is an emerging software development company that develops software solutions for online stores to grow them up to the next level. We develop reliable and scalable software solutions for all eCommerce platforms including WooCommerce. We are excelling in our expertise in the eCommerce industry to provide our clients with truly beneficial solutions. We are distinctive in our software design and development approach that is helping us to build consistent quality.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Your money is always safe with us. If our products do not live up to their design and function, we offer an unquestionable 30-days money-back guarantee.

Regular Updates

Apart from our impeccable support, we also keep updating products, improving compatibility, and introducing new features so your store remains ageless.

Free Super Fast Support

All our products and services are backed with free premium support. Our teams are always available to guide and troubleshoot compatibility issues, installations, or integrations you need.